Son of Kenya (Obama’s Motherland)

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The author writes of his American experience facing discrimination, and thenSonofkenya3[1] compares his African experience in Kenya; where there are no free elections or free voting because the government controls everything. 

Kenyans who voiced for free elections and democracy, got assassinated type deaths like Tom Mboya, Barack Obama Sr., JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko, and many others in Kenya, Africa.  Who were the responsible person(s) for those assassination deaths?

He becomes the first American to be accepted into the Kenya School of Rehabilitation. Starting from day one in year 2004, the children at the Orphanage School taught him about the Barack Obama legend (Son of Kenya) to help his rehab and memory function again. 

Unbeknownst to him, this will lead him to learn truths of the Obama legend in Africa.  Since 1963, the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya controlled the presidency, with President Jomo Kenyatta (known and referred to in Kenya as “The Big Man”) regimes type of dictatorship, not allowing others to have a voice for free elections. 

Destined to be the next President of Kenya, Tom Mboya, Luo tribe, was then assassinated.  Tom Mboya was Africa’s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was gunned down at noon-time, downtown, in broad daylight, by an assassin wearing tribal Kikuyu attire.  Today, the responsible person(s) have not answered for the crime(s) of this world leader assassination killing in 44 years. 

Mboya’s faithful friend, Barack Obama Sr., was near the assassination and his honest testimony, what he seen, at the trial hearings; ended his political career.  Plus, this also caused several hit and run assassination attempts on his life.  This puts a very big cloud of suspicion around the hit and run accident, that finally killed him. 

What did Obama see?  Why did Obama’s honest court testimony infuriated President Jomo Kenyatta (known and referred to in Kenya as “The Big Man”) of Kenya and got him fired?  Who were the responsible person(s) for his (Obama’s) assassination death?  Who is the real assassinator? 

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Watch the video Tom Mboya & Dr. Martin L. King speaks at the now famous Civil Rights Rally, at our Nations Capital, in Washington DC, year 1959.  It is fantastic to know that our African brothers paved the way for President Barack Obama.

Watch the video in remembrance Africa’s Tom Mboya, like Dr. Martin Luther King, he worked hard for free voting and for free election rights in year 1969.

Watch the video, at Tom Mboya’s funeral, Africa shedded tears losing its son.  Mboya’s trusted and faithful friend Barack Obama shown as a pallbearer in Mboya’s funeral made him a target for assassination by Kenyatta regime.  Then he was warned not to testify in court by Kenyatta regime!  After his honest testimony in court hearings, came several hit and run accidents and the last one finally killed him.

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